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Romantic’s Society

Romantic’s Society is an ezine for the Romantic, covering period dramas, romantic novels, culture, and everything pertaining to the “Romantic” subculture. Join today for current reviews, press releases, and updates from your  favorite plays and festivals!


Romantic’s Society is republished in Triskele Press magazine, quarterly. Triskele Press comprises all of the ezines and websites under the Azure Lorica Foundation, along with contributions from international artists and writers.


Triskele Press is an eMagazine that covers all the events and programs under the Azure Lorica Foundation:

  • Ninja-Con – annual anime convention in Little Tokyo Arts District, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Drift Plume – radio play programs, hosted on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.
  • FanFilm Awards – indie films adapted from books, videogames, and popular movies.

Available Online:

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alogoOur story begins long before Triskele Press became a brand. Beforehand, it was Azure Lorica .COM – a blog supporting festivals and live shows within LA County. We posted about new members into the organization, and soon started azure-lorica.org for all of our legal information.

visit: azure-lorica.org


copy-tlogo5.pngIndependent Vloggers came to our attention. They produced shows, and they loved attending conventions and festivals. We made room for them in our organization. In exchange for Press Passes, we gained showcase pieces to place our brand on YouTube.

visit: triskelepress.com


TP Logo Only

Changes occurred when Triskele Press founder, Eugene Cordell, gave the title of Chief Editor to Azure Lorica Foundation’s CEO, Stefanie Warner.

She brought to the group’s attention that a majority of online users are female. Females are indiscriminate to reading, and self publishing a magazine would benefit the brand. Hence, Triskele Press gradually improved into the new brand identity – leaving remnants of its old community in the search bar, and broadening towards writers and artists.