Art Night In Pasadena – Review

Returning to Pasadena for the arts is mandatory for Angelenos (natives of Los Angeles, CA). The libraries, the theatres, the museums – they’re all here! Whether you’re into the classics or pop, your artistic spirit has a stop in almost every block, when coming to this city. Need a vinyl? Go to Union Street. Want props and paint for your concert? Go on Raymond Ave. Need a trumpet? Walk through Colorado Blvd. Need inspiration? Just enter Pasadena! It’s all here.

Now, most of us complain that being creative is expensive. We tease that being creative is done through the lack of. But what if I told you that money didn’t matter here? You can screen your own films in the Library’s Theater, or play music on the streets, or maybe even see a Van Gogh with your student ID? and what if I can invite you to all of these things without permission from the city to gallivant and not pay admission to enjoy high quality entertainment?

Welcome to Art Night – an evening of open doors to free festivals and exhibitions, concerts and theater, dances and art galas! Every year, I find myself taking the free shuttle and hop from one venue to the next. I love watching street performers, jazz orchestras at the museums, the library hosting a book festival, and just in case you get hungry, there is wine and fusion food everywhere.

Typically, I invite a group of friends with me to this kind of event. But if you’re with an artsy date that loves big crowds and high culture, this is where you take them. I remember one year, when my wife and I wanted to take a breather from the museum hopping that we stopped at Pasadena City College, and on their pond were hundreds of floating candles. It light the cold dark night, illuminating our cheeks, drawing us closer for a warm embrace. Art Night became a tradition after that, not just a casual festival, but something we never forgot to celebrate each year.

Art Night – it’s for everyone.

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