500 Days of Summer – Review

“It’s Love. It’s not Santa Claus” –500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt couldn’t be anymore right, when he mentioned how selfish and delusional the protagonist was for acting the way he did. But sadly, we all have done this, and shame is not our conclusion when dealt with the friend zone.

500 Days of Summer is a story of one man: Tom Hansen. He can’t get over this girl named Summer. He’s in heat, and in denial the entire movie! I love it. He preaches his obsession as if it was the Bible. Remember that quote “(s)he’s the one”? We’ve all said it, we’ve all done it, and look what happened! Nada. At first, I thought this was just for the guys, but girls have confessed being Tom themselves: compulsive, obsessed stalkers who cannot keep their hormones in check when that specific person steps into their day and says “Hey”. Not the smartest move, but then again, who wants smart when it can be destiny?

The process of the film ends exactly how we wish no romantic comedy to end: failure. But just think twice about it, and realize the concept which has dominated our expectations. Girl meets guy, they spend time, troubles occur, and then – poof! They’re in love, magically! Barely, do we manage ourselves with caution or second thought when we want someone, even if they never knew you existed. It’s so common that wedlock happens, and that’s a fact. Not a philosophy, not a problem, it just does. Why? Because “(s)he wasn’t the one.” And this movie couldn’t have romanticized a better concept that made so much sense in a generation unwanting of marriage. Yes, millennials, I’m calling you out. I want to say, it’s your fault, but that’s just scientifically wrong. Technically, it’s your hormones that’s killed your future in marriage, and why not? Growing up with Disney Princess movies and Broadway Musicals, pre-marital sex and birth rates have never been such a problem. Of course, this is just a horrible perspective on the matter at hand.

The reason why this movie is just gorgeous and amazing is because of the haunting Summer (Zooey Deschanel). She is uncompromising, subtly sarcastic, and playfully mysterious. She’s a goddess, and Tom proves it. He shuffles every corner, staring, glaring, gawking, and stalking her. He bumps into her, just so he can be in her presence. He denies being in love with her, just to continue worshiping the ground she walk upon. And only be disappointed that she never changed her mind of being just friends…with benefits. Who wouldn’t want to live in such ecstasy? The euphoria of being around a rare beauty, such as Summer, could never be matched. And nothing, and he does mean nothing, can ever replace her. It’s ridiculous, and it’s perfect that way.

Forget trying for nostalgia, sympathize with the girls who said no, and never were respected for it. People like Tom deserve to be alone, not because they’re bad people, but because they forget that there are others that can love him, and he’s so selfish to the point of becoming a hermit, even from his own dream career, as an Architect. I mean, why date that, when you can have someone as petty as a passionless greeting card writer, ready to blame the system for his laziness, right?

It’s just too much fun seeing this guy get ruined the entire movie. It sounds horrible, but the reality of how common this is makes everyone wish the alternative fantasy was our better humanity. Please don’t watch this if you’re in the middle of a break up or are accustomed to blame women for your choice of words. This is for the experienced. And if not, the inexperienced. As virgins to relationships will be swooned to the romance of pre-facebook stalker mentality. Dance with this devil, and you’ll see what I mean. 500 Days of Summer is my favorite disaster.


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